You’re Only A Failure, Today

Not hit your numbers today?

Did you miss the number of appointments or meetings you were supposed to set?

Were you busy checking Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then only to look up and see it was time for lunch?

If you’re conscientious in your job you probably ended the day a bit dejected.  Maybe even feeling like a failure.

Well, I have good news for you.

Every day is a new day.

A new day with new opportunities to be successful.

Even though your goal may have been to make 50 calls, book 10 appointments, or close three deals, it is your intention that needs to remain steadfast.

Your intention is your daily guiding star.  If your intention, whatever it is, is engrained as a burning desire.

Put yesterday behind you.

Don’t dwell on it. Remember what happened.  Learn from it.

Then, go get back in the game.

You’re only a failure if you let yourself be one.


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Fractional sales management