Sales Training Video – Yikes! I Sent the wrong information.

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Yikes!  I sent the wrong information.

Yikes!  I sent the wrong information 

We all have probably done it:  Sent an email or a package with the wrong information or sent it to the wrong person.  It happens.  Simply apologize then send the correct information to the correct person.  The real question is, how did this happen?  It’s one thing to make a mistake.  But, unless you uncover why you made the mistake, you’re prone to do it again.   Unfortunately, this cuts into the trust you are hoping to, or already have, built with your prospect or customer.

In most cases we simply rush too quickly through what we think are mundane sales tasks.  So, we tend to do them without much concentration or while multi-tasking.  This can have serious consequences for a sales person.  In the case of the errant email, I once had a sales rep that received an email from a prospect that was being unusually difficult.  The prospect indeed was being tough to work with and I was about to suggest cutting off contact and wishing the prospect well.  My sales rep responded to the email, and thinking he was forwarding the email to me, sent it to the prospect.  Fortunately, as I mentioned, we were going to cut this prospect loose. Because after reading the email and what my rep had to say about this woman, she would have been gone regardless.

But what if it had been one of our best customers?  What if a $100k deal was on the line?  We would have destroyed our chances for any long-lasting relationship or deal.  Take your time.  Slow down.  Focus.  And don’t ever put ANYTHING in an email that you wouldn’t want the whole world to read.

Your wallet will thank you.

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