What’s old is sometimes new.

I usually look at a prospect response of, No, as Not Now.

If they were good prospects for your product or service six months or a year ago, they’re probably good prospects now, and you’re wise to engage them again.

Some ideas:

– Be upfront. With a call or email, let them know you understand that, for whatever reason, the last time they reviewed your product or service, it just wasn’t the right time for them.

That gives them an out and puts the past behind you and them. I would pause here and wait to hear their response. It will help you understand what direction to take.

– Look at what made them opportunities, to begin with. You may need multiple campaigns depending on the reasons.

– Then, research the company and the prospect you were dealing with.

Is there anything new on their site that your product addresses?

Does your prospect have any new accomplishments, job responsibilities, etc.?

– Now, bring the value.

What new benefits does your product or service have now that it did not before?

New pricing?

New onboarding to make it easier for them?

It can be anything that makes their situation or life better.

Here’s another issue to think about: Were you dealing with the right person(s)? If you were, what I describe above could help you get them back into your pipeline.

If they were not the right contact to make your deal happen, or they boxed you in (another subject), find another champion who can make your deal happen.

In these cases, I usually start by going up the corporate ladder, if I hadn’t started there already.

Depending on the size of the organization, go as high as you can go, and start over. Make sure that whomever you do call, will have a vested interest in your solution.

There’s no need to bring up your previous experience with your original contact unless they bring them up or they give that name as someone you should contact.

If they do, politely thank them, and go back to the original approach. If not, treat them like a brand new prospect.

Note: This latter strategy is not without risk. Word may get back to your original prospect, and they may be upset. However, you are no worse off than when you started. And your original contact may be a bit more motivated.

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