Voicemail tip

Here’s is a voicemail tip you may not know.

As a backgrounder to this tip, understand that a lot of people will not listen to your voicemail if they do not recognize your name or company.

You may get deleted before you even get your message out.

So, here it is:

On your first voicemail to a sales prospect, do not give your name or phone number until the end of your message.

Deliver your opening: “Hi Susan, the reason I was trying to reach you was….”

After you let them know why you were calling, then leave your name and contact information.

It will feel strange at first but stick with it.

This way, you have a better chance of someone at least listening to your message, because they do not want to miss anyone or anything they think is important before deleting or saving the message. And they will probably be curious too.

Leaving voicemail and getting a return call is tough. I hope this gives you a better chance.

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