Sales Training Video – Unstalling a stalled sale.

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Unstalling a stalled sale.

Unstalling a stalled sale 

You’re at the point in the sale where you’re going to present your proposal to the prospect and ask them to make a decision.  You have finished presenting and the prospect says, “I need to check with Elliot in sales first.”  What?!!  Where was Elliot in the whole qualifying and decision-making process up until now?  (If this does happen to you, go to, Day 81 – Start at the top…wherever that is.) Regardless, you have to deal with this delay.

You can say, “I certainly understand, Lee.  Can you please tell me exactly what you need to clarify with Elliot, and perhaps I can help you.”  Now, if they are stalling, it should surface.  Lee says, “Well, your product is going to be sold by our sales team, and I want make sure they think they can sell enough of it.”  Fair enough.  You can’t blame the prospect for something you should have learned much earlier in the sale.  You are not left with much here because Lee has deferred to someone else and gotten himself off the hook.  It’s time to close again.  Ask Lee, “If Elliot determines the sales department can sell enough, will you be placing your order?”

You do not want to be far into the customer’s buying process and find out you’re not dealing with the right person, and have to start over with Elliot.  The other thing you do not want to do is leave this type of conversation without your prospect telling you exactly what’s going to happen next, and that if that action step is accomplished, that it will move you closer to closing your sale.  Keep drilling.

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