Time to reboot

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So far we have covered building resiliency, clearing our Mindspace by getting rid of complaining, criticizing, and blaming, and finding our motivation.
This week, we’re going to talk about our operating system. Just like a computer, we all have one.
I listened to a marketing podcast recently where they were discussing a study on franchises.
Leaving aside location, within any given franchise system, 1% of the franchisees really make a killing.
4% do great.
15% are making good income.
After that, it really starts to fall off.
The bottom 20%, despite having everything the top 20% has, cannot succeed.
Franchises, by their very nature, have the:
Same systems.
Same operating procedures.
Same advertising.

So, what’s the difference?
It’s the people running the business.
It’s how they execute day in and day out.
It’s their operating system.

The same is true for you, whatever your job is.
It’s how you run your operating system every day.

And that starts when you wake up in the morning.
When you wake up it’s time to reboot your operating system.
And it’s the three-to-five minutes before you get out of bed, that can give your operating system an upgrade and make all the difference in your day.

That’s the time you need to get your head in the game.
Every business day.

So here’s your Action Item and mission, should you decide to accept it:

Get some sticky notes.
On the top sticky note, write three things:
One thing or person you’re grateful for.
Picture it in your mind.
Next, write down the most important thing to do that day that will have the biggest impact on your business.
Just one thing.
And then see yourself accomplishing it.
This is a successful pre-play which we will discuss soon.
Lastly, jot down one thing you will do today to improve yourself.
If you think you’re just perfect, Google self-help.

Then, attach the top sticky note to your alarm clock or whatever wakes you up.

You’ll be rebooting your brain to focus on doing and being the best you can be that day.
And you will have upgraded YOUR operating system.

I’ll put my three for today in the comments below.
Please join me.
You’ll see how good it feels just to type them in.
Don’t be shy.
You may be helping someone else with your three.
Another good feeling.

Good habits lead to good routines, which lead to good processes, which result in a good system.
And ultimately result in a better, more successful you.

It’s the culmination of small, incremental habits, that don’t seem like they’re doing anything at the time, which results in catching excellence.

Start your day consistently in the direction of being the best business owner, salesperson, marketer, tech person, whoever, that you can be.

Let’s close the gap between where we are and what we can be.
One day at a time.

You can do this.
You can be in that top 1%.
And I wish you great success.

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Have a rewarding week. See you next time.

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Louie Bernstein – Sales Coach

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