The Takeover – Part 2

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Free Sales Training Video Series – The takeover – Part 2

The takeover – Part 2 

Say your forecast indicates you are 80% of the way to closing a sale.  However, your prospect is either not calling you back or throwing up a bunch of objections.  It’s time for a meeting with your sales manager.  The following approach is used at a later stage-of-opportunity for the sales manager takeover:  “Brian, this is Louie Bernstein.  I’m the Vice President of Sales at Sales Getters and I’m calling about the evaluation you are doing with our product.”  Once again; very formal, very straight forward, very polite.  Note: “I am calling because of the evaluation you have been doing on our software.”  Those words are important.  They are meant to convey they have been using your software and taking advantage of your resources so they owe you something in return.  The sales manager continues – “Mike Kelly, your account manager, has told me that you are close to making a decision but you are not calling him back or have questions only I can answer. “  Pause. 

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