The Sales Slump

It happens.  You’re flying high closing multiple deals every month or quarter and then, wham.  Nothing.  Goose egg.  Not one sale.  What happened?  Well, the obvious first place to look is at yourself.

  • Review your processes. Doing anything different?
  • Listen to your calls if you record them.
  • Have you been prospecting enough to keep your pipeline full?
  • Are you still asking all the right questions?

After going through the above exercise, it’s time to look around.

  • Is your company doing anything different in the way leads are generated?
  • Are you selling a new product line or a new version of the existing product?
  • Is the market you sell into doing anything different or going in another direction? (See also, Who, moved my cheese? by Spencer Johnson.  A very good book for all business people.)
  • Is your product seasonal?

When sales reps get into a slump, it’s usually their fault.  Especially if there is no change with any of the other reps or the market. But it doesn’t always mean they’re doing anything wrong.  Call it one of my, unprovable laws of sales.  Sometimes the universe conspires with all your prospects, at the same time, to postpone, refuse calls, go dark, etc. It has happened to me and, if you have been in sales any length of time, it has happened to you.

If the issue is within your company, talk to management and see if you can get some insights into their strategy and/or what’s going on in the market you serve.  If it doesn’t look it is going to change anytime soon, accelerate the inevitable, and find a place where you can continue your winning streak.  If the problem is in the industry you sell to, and you really like that market, decide if you can ride it out.

Sales Homework – Think of additional ways you can get through your sales slump.

Sales Managers – It’s not always your reps’ fault.  Look at your processes, marketing, and the business climate.  It really doesn’t matter what the problem is.  You need to figure out a way to persist, pivot or proceed.

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