The Sales Manager

The Sales Manager

You will always be walking a balance of training, encouraging, leading, motivating, and kicking your sales reps in the pants when you are the Sales Manager.  I cannot be there with you for every situation, so I do my best to give you the guidelines that have worked for me.  One of the keys for you is understanding that each of your sales reps is different.  Each one responds differently to you and to external situations.  This is not to say you don’t have rules that apply to everyone.   It means each one of your sales reps has their own goals, dreams, motivations and fears.  Get close to them and learn what those are for each one so you can help them.  By helping them you are also helping yourself.

I think there are only two times a Sales Manager should be called “Manager:”

  1. When they hire someone.
  2. When they fire someone.

The rest of the time, the Sales Manager is really the sales team’s coach.  Like any good coach, the Sales Manager’s main job is to get the best out of every one of their players/reps while moving the entire team forward.  Keep this concept in mind as you go through the sales manager’s lessons in, How to be a Professional Salesperson.  Being the coach isn’t an easy job.  But as a smart man (my father) told me many years ago; “If it was easy, they’d hire any schmuck to do it.”

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