Sales Management: Week 1 – 21 Disciplines

Week 1 of 21 – Good attitudes.

If anyone on your sales team does not have a good attitude, you have problems from the very start.  A good, positive, sincere attitude can be contagious.  A bad attitude in the group won’t necessarily kill the group, but it is like driving with a flat tire.  You can get there, but it will take longer and it’s ugly.

You can do a lot of things to help nurture a good attitude but it’s basically up to each individual to have a positive, upbeat outlook.  Sales reps with positive, eager, go-get’em attitudes are ready to talk deals first thing in the morning and are always ready to learn more.   They usually don’t need coaxing and just want to get going.

The rep with the bad attitude needs to be called out right away; in front of everyone.  Note:  Hardly ever should a manager discipline any direct report in front of others.  Praise in Public. Punish in Private.  However, this is one case I think it’s important to confront the rep in public and let them know they are affecting the whole group.  Yours is a team effort and they are hurting the whole team.  Their attitude affects the company’s success and others’ income.

After a “punishment” from their bad attitude, have a private conversation with that sales rep.  Discuss why a negative attitude is unacceptable and contrary to what you are trying to accomplish.  Then, go on and discuss the importance of a good, positive attitude.  Most importantly, explain how a good attitude will work for them.  Explain how this type of attitude will greatly increase their chances of growing their sales and their income.  Bring it to a level they can understand.

Finally, dig in and try to find out what may be causing their negative attitude.  Obviously, restrict your questions and adhere to any of your HR regulations.  However, learn what you can and see if there if something you didn’t know about them that is affecting their attitude and hence, their performance.  If they really want to improve, your sales rep will really appreciate your taking the extra steps to understand them so you can help them achieve their goals.

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