The power of advertising

I made $1,750,000 million from spending $900.

Think I’m lying? Read on.

One year in my previous company, I sent out 1,000 postcards for our IT training and consulting service.

One card landed on the desk of a woman who was disappointed with the IT services she was getting. (And her business was in crisis. They were losing $6,000 an hour from crashing systems.)

She called and asked us to come onsite and deliver an introductory operating system training course.

After successful delivery, she told me it was just a test to see if we knew what we were talking about.

As a side note: I never hired junior instructors. Even if they were going to deliver an introductory course. I never knew who would be in the room on the customer’s end.

After the course, she hired us to fix the systems and stop the crisis. We ended up with four full-time consultants onsite, stabilized the systems, delivered more training, and added $1.75 million to our top-line revenue that year.

The moral of the story: Every day is a new day with new opportunities.

90% of sales outcomes are a result of what’s going on under the surface. I call this The Iceberg Effect. As salespeople that 90% will have a profound impact on your income. If you want to control and improve that 90% go here or Follow me on LinkedIn here. 

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