A skill to save time and money

Here’s a skill that will save small business owners and salespeople a lot of time.

And when you save time, you save money.

Most salespeople and mall business owners are, by nature, optimists.

You need that optimism to get you going every morning.

Unfortunately, too many times we let that optimism cloud our judgment. We lead too much from our hearts and not enough from our heads.

You need to be disciplined when looking at your pipeline. And, more importantly, you need to be realistic and honest.

You must know when to walk away.

Your time is your income. And if you don’t manage your time well, your income will show it.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself about every one of your potential deals before you decide to spend your precious time on them:

1. Am I talking with the financial buyer or the person that can sign my order and write the check?

2. Is the person I am talking to keeping me from the true financial buyer?

3. Do I always have to call them, or do they willingly call me with questions during the buying cycle?

4. Is the buyer honestly willing to talk to me about my competition?

5. Is there a weakness in my prospect’s current solution which my product will help them?

6. Is their house on fire? (Do they have an urgent need for a product like mine?)

7. Is their company financially sound?

8. Have they canceled several meetings?

9. Have they followed through on commitments they’ve made?

10. How many other vendors are they considering?

11. If they are looking at other vendors, are they comparing apples to apples?

12. Am I getting feedback from them?

13. Are they asking “post-sales” questions?

If you cannot answer these questions realistically and be prepared to add or remove your prospect from your pipeline, then your pipeline has no credibility.

More importantly, you have not learned when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

Action item – List three more criteria you can use to determine if you are spending too much time with a prospect that has no chance of closing.

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