The Saturday-preneur

Saturday-preneurs have become the new business hero.

Here’s four ways to tell if this is you – any one of these qualifies you:

1. It’s Saturday and you’re reading this post on LinkedIn.

2. You thought about your job or small business within 30 minutes of waking up on Saturday.

3. You feel a sense of obligation to your small business and/or family and Saturday doesn’t get in the way of that.

4. You have an immeasurable desire to be the best you can best. You believe, “What one can be, one must be.” Saturday is just another day to build the best small business and be the best person you can be.

To all you Saturday-preneurs, I understand and salute you.
Go get ’em.

90% of sales outcomes are a result of what’s going on under the surface. I call this The Iceberg Effect. As salespeople that 90% will have a profound impact on your income. If you want to control and improve that 90% go here or Follow me on LinkedIn here. 

Factional sales management
Fractional sales management