Salespeople and mental health

Am I the only one who thinks nobody talks about the mental health of salespeople?

I know, I know, there’s only one rule in sales:

Produce or you’re gone.  No excuses.

But are small businesses and sales managers losing a piece of coal with a diamond inside?

One way to find out.  Ask:

  • Do you get nervous before you get on the phone?
  • Do you worry excessively you’re getting fired?
  • Are you anxious other sales are doing better than you?
  • Do you always fear having to call the decision-maker?

More than ever, salespeople are isolated, with nobody close to talk with.  Nobody to help strengthen their resilience and mental toughness.

Sales is a tough game. As much as any other profession, and maybe more, salespeople need to make sure they are mentally strong.  And that they approach each day with a strong, confident spirit.

Before terminating a salesperson, whom you hired in part for their spirit, look at a part of them below the surface that nobody sees. I call this, The Iceberg Effect. 90% of what takes place with a salesperson happens below the surface.

You don’t need to be a therapist to do this.

But you can equip them with the tools to help them become the diamond you hired.

Give them tools to clear their mind of negativity, build resilience, and develop mental toughness. Help them become confident, strong salespeople, and reap the rewards.

I recently made my Total Confidence online course for salespeople, available so ANY salesperson or manager can afford it. $17.

Good salespeople are difficult to find. Like a diamond in the rough. Don’t lose yours for the wrong reason.

And if you’re a salesperson, developing your resiliency is your secret weapon. That too is below the surface.  Nurture it.

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