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Sales Training & Coaching

If you could use effective sales coaching or consulting to grow revenue, but your budget is tight, I offer a quick and affordable sales plan to help you succeed.  I keep a small number of clients on a part-time basis, who need to increase sales quickly.  You can get as little as two hours per day, and up to 10 hours per week.   It’s great for small, medium and entrepreneurial businesses.

You get focused help with:

– Writing a Sales Playbook to bring consistency of best practices to your team and to onboard new reps quickly.
This one assignment should pay for my services many times over.  Check out my Sales Playbook Checklist.

– Writing sales scripts. Yes, they do work when done correctly.

– Reviewing or developing call<>email cadences, so everyone’s as effective and organized, as possible.

– Coaching underperforming reps to bring them to their full potential.

– Coaching “A” players. They need to be nurtured too, or they will leave.

– Helping interview sales candidates.  I have a great interview methodology that helps stop bad hires.

– Applying, or validating, state-of-the-art sales technology solutions to get maximum efficiency.  I have a system that
can get your  reps to 500+ dials per day.  And 25+ conversations.

– Developing a system of sales metrics and KPI’s so you have benchmarks, visibility and a methodology for sales
management.   I have six years Admin experience and can really tweak that system to produce for you.

– Putting in best practices for sales compensation that really motivates reps to sell more.  This will drive revenue quickly.

– Writing effective email campaigns that can quadruple your pipeline.  Proven.

– You fill in the blank:____________________________

I can work with you  to deliver success over the web, or in person if you are in Atlanta.  I offer a one hour free consultation to make sure I can help you and your team.  For reference, please look at my accomplishments on LinkedIn.  The smallest changes can have the biggest impact on your sales.

It starts with FREE:
When we talk I will give you one sales training idea for your team, that I guarantee will get them thinking smarter.


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