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The Sales Getters Sales Training System is designed to help you become a master of your craft and increase your income, every business day. Next to the content, it’s consistency that’s at the heart of this system.

You probably know that it’s better for you to exercise or practice a musical instrument 30 minutes a day, rather than exercise or practice one day a week for three hours; or one day a month for 10 hours. You lose your focus. You lose it because you don’t use it.

With consistent practice, a ritual if you will, learning becomes a habit. When you make sales training a habit you’re always thinking like a salesperson. And when that happens, your income accelerates.


Sales education should be taking place throughout your day; podcasts in the car are a very good use of your sales training day; especially at the start of the day. It puts you in the right sales frame of mind.

Structured sales training should be viewed like your daily exercise routine (which will also help your sales attitude). A good time for structured sales training is around noon, which is when most customers (East coast – adjust accordingly) are at lunch. While they eat, you learn. Lunch should be allowed into the training sessions. What a great use of lunchtime! You need to choose which time of the day works best for your organization.

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