Sales Training Video –  Your New Account:  Part 2 – Making the Call

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Your New Account: Part 2 – Making the Call

Your new account:  Part 2 – Making the call

Okay, you’ve done all your homework, research, spoken with everyone who knows the existing account within your company and you’re ready to make the call.  Since your goal is to deliver value, you want that to be the primary goal of your first call.  You are going to want to establish a relationship with all the pertinent people in the account, but your first call needs to be to the top person(s).  This could be the CEO (never a bad place to start), the decision maker (if it is not the CEO) or the financial buyer.

Use this sample script and tailor to suit your situation:

“Hello Dan.  This is Louie Bernstein at Sales Getters.  <Pause to see if they ask how you are.> If not, in this particular case it is okay to say, “How are you today?”  The reason for my call is that I have taken over your account and I want to make sure you are getting the most and best use out of the products you’ve bought from us.  Do you have a few minutes to talk?”  These two sentences will completely disarm them.  If they say yes, continue.  “In researching your account I noticed that you have enough credits to receive two months of our free lead generation service, but haven’t taken advantage of if it.  Is that something you would like to explore?”  Unless they’ve lost their mind they will say, “of course.”  You continue with, “Great.  I had a couple of other ideas for you, as well.  When would be a good time for us to get together?”

Once again, the goal of your first call in this situation is to be seen as their new Trusted Advisor.  Go through this process with all the appropriate contacts at the account.

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