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Writing Right 

Writing is one of the most important skills you should master as a sales person.  Some people are more natural at writing than others.  However, everyone can learn to write well enough to enhance their career.  Emails to prospects and customers can have just as much effect on your sale as verbal communication.  I have a group of emails that I have written, which I can absolutely trace back to winning deals where the email was more effective than a phone call, or even a face-to- face communication would have been.

There are tons of ways to learn how to be a better business writer.  Here are few things that can get you started:

  • Write about what you know or are passionate about.  It does not have to be business.
  • Focus.  I am not good at focusing for very long so I understand how difficult it can be.   However, focus is essential to getting your copy out correctly.
  • Be diligent.  This is similar to focus but diligence is carrying on with intent.  When you are diligent about your work and focus when you are engaged, you will have a much greater chance of success in business writing – or anything else.

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