Sales Training Video – When to Close the Sale

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Free Sales Training Video Series – When to close the sale.

When to close the sale.

How do you know when it’s time to close the sale?  The time to close the sale is when your prospect has confirmed to you that they have seen enough potential value in your product to give you an order.  So, you must ask your prospect a question or two to make sure they see the value:

  • Have we met all the criteria you have for a successful implementation?
  • Do you see how this will solve your <their problem> issue?

Once your prospect responds in the affirmative, it’s time to start closing:

“Josh, based on this, is there any reason we cannot move ahead with an order?”  There may be several additional paths from here based on their response, but it becomes a loop.  For instance, Josh may tell you that he is good with everything you have and he would like to move ahead, but the finance committee has to approve the order.  Again you should ask; “Josh, once the finance committee gives there approval, is there any reason we cannot move ahead with an order?”

The idea is, after you have established the value to your prospect, to keep closing until all objections are met and the order is placed.  That’s the time to close the sale.

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