Sales Training Video – Turning a Cold Call Warm

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Turning a Cold Call Warm

At one point in all our sales careers we’ve had to make a cold call; picking up the phone, calling a complete stranger and very quickly gaining their trust…enough to keep  them talking and stay on the line long enough to learn why we’re calling.

There are dozens of approaches to cold calling, but they all center on quickly getting someone to listen to you so you can ask them questions to see if they are a good prospect.   The best way to do this is to talk to the other person about something that interests them.  This could be something related to their business, their Alma mater, career, hobby, etc.  If you’re calling me about an incredible new service for selling books that has brought five of your clients a million dollars in sales, I’m listening to you.

You must prepare before making the call.  With internet access, there is no excuse not to take this extra step.  You should have the following windows open on your computer so you’re ready to learn something about your prospect that will engage them:

  • Google (or any search engine)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

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