Sales Training Video – They’re Google-ing you too

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Free Sales Training Video Series – They’re Google-ing you too.

They’re Google-ing you too

One of the ways of researching and keeping up to date with your prospects and customers is to set up a Google News alert.  At the very least, you should do an internet search for them on a regular basis.  What are they going to find if they Google you?  Or, look you up on Facebook?

When I’m purchasing something, especially something that is a large dollar amount for our company, I will do my own research on the company and on the sales rep assigned to our account.  I need to make sure that rep is honest, reliable and trust-worthy.  Most people are good at handling things when everything is going according to plan.  You really find out the value of your vendor when things hit the fan.  If I see something online in the background of the vendor or the sales rep that concern me, I bring it up.

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