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The Success Log

We always beat ourselves up when we lose a deal or we don’t get the results we wanted from a meeting or phone call.  Too much of this can send you into a downward spiral.  Humans, particularly sales people, seem naturally wired with negative thinking which has more weight in your mind than the positive things that happen to you.  You have to take control and get rid of any negative mindset right away or it will seep through to the next person you call.  They really don’t care how your day is going.

A good practice is to have notepad or sticky note next to your desk and list the positive things that happen to you throughout your business day.  I call it The Success Log.  Your list can include:

  • Got a call back I wasn’t expecting.
  • Had a meeting with the decision maker.
  • Closed a deal.
  • Made my quota.
  • Etc.

When you leave in the evening and when you get in to work the following day, read through your list.  This practice will start reinforcing the positive parts of your day and help rewire you to be in the best possible sales mindset.

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