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Free Sales Training Video Series – The price hasn’t changed…yet

The price hasn’t changed…yet

This close can be effective when used at the right time and in the right situation.   If your prospect is emotionally and financially committed to your product but you’re having difficulty getting them to place their order, suggesting to them a “price increase is in the works” can help move them along.  It’s especially useful when your prospect had voiced price concerns earlier in their buying cycle.

There are a few cautions to this:

  • It has to be based in truth.  Your company has to have a history of raising prices without notice.
  • Your prospect has to be mentally sold and committed even if they haven’t placed the order.
  • The amount of the planned price increase is a large percentage compared to what they thought they were originally going to spend.   A $5,000 price increase isn’t as big a deal on a $150,000 order.  A $5,000 price increase on a $15,000 order is a big deal.

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