Sales Training Video – The perfect close. Your mouth.

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Free Sales Training Video Series – The perfect close.  Your mouth.

The perfect close.  Your mouth.

Average sales people talk too much.  It’s usually out of nervousness, lack of confidence or lack of training.   Maybe you’ve said something like, “Neal, how quickly do you plan to implement our product?  Most customers like to implement in the first quarter.”   Why are you asking the question if you don’t seem to care about their answer?!

The worst time to over talk is when you are trying to close a deal.  After you ask a closing question, SHUT UP.  Let me repeat this because this one tip can make you a lot of money.  After you ask a closing question, SHUT UP. 

I know this concept seems obvious but it is difficult for many people because it creates tension.  This pause is sometimes referred to as the “pregnant pause.” (You can draw your own conclusion.)  No matter how hard it is to keep your mouth closed, no matter how much you want to say something to let your prospect off the hook, no matter how much you just want to be done with that uncomfortable feeling, do not say anything after asking the closing question – or any question.   As your prospects start answering your single question, your confidence will grow and this will become a habit.

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