Sales Training Video – The Five W’s and an H

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Free Sales Training Video Series – The five W’s and an H

The five W’s and an H 

Memorize these five W’s plus the H and you will never be at a loss as to how to ask your prospects a good question.  The five W’s and one H are:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Why
  6. How

The words start open-ended questions.  An open-ended question cannot be answered with a yes or no.  They require an explanation.  They require someone to engage in a conversation.  And that’s the purpose of these questions.  Some examples:

  • Who, in addition to yourself, will be involved in making the decision?
  • What is the real key to earning your business?
  • When will you making a decision to purchase?
  • Where do you think you will see results from using our product?
  • Why is that an important consideration?
  • How will you be using our product?

Here are a few things to remember about using these questions:

  • Don’t make the other person feel like a spotlight is on them.
  • Have your questions written out in advance.
  • Mix them up.
  • Be genuinely interested when you ask the questions.
  • Don’t be thinking about your response when they are talking.  Listen.

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