Sales Training Video – The Elevator Pitch.

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Free Sales Training Video Series – The Elevator Pitch.

The Elevator Pitch

The concept of the elevator speech came long before the internet, email and social media.  The idea was that you’ve tried endlessly to get into see a prospect but despite your attempts, you could never get past the gatekeeper and your prospect would never pick up the phone.  So, in desperation you would hide in the lobby where he worked and wait for him to arrive.

The big moment comes when you spot your prey walking through the lobby headed toward the elevator.  You leap out of the bushes and casually get on the same elevator as your prospect.  Still, ever so you casual, you look at him and say, “Hello Mr. Cleaver, I’m so glad I ran into you.  I’ve wanted to speak with you for months now about our new Clean-o-Matic pot scrubber, which I think would be great in all your restaurants.”  Hopefully, if this ploy worked, Mr. Cleaver would reply, “Well, tell me about it now.”  By the end of the elevator ride Mr. Cleaver would be so impressed he would invite you into his office as you smirked your way past the gatekeeper.  Mission accomplished.

Today, with that approach, you might be arrested for stalking.  However, the concept is the same:  When you meet someone and you only have 20 to 30 seconds to get them interested in your business, you need to be able to distill your message down to a few short sentences so that the next words coming out of Mr. Cleaver’s mouth are, “Tell me more.”

Here are a few suggestions and sequencing on how to craft your message to get your prospect interested in what you are selling…quickly:

  • Say exactly what you do.  It should read like the title on your web site.  “We provide sales outsourcing for B2B companies.”
  • First big benefit – “Our customers choose Sales Getters because we quickly bring in additional sales for them.”
  • Second big benefit – “They like being able to focus on their core business while we drive revenue and find new opportunities for them.”
  • Question – “How is your sales department structured for growth now?”

The entire sequence shouldn’t take more than half a minute and lead to a more in-depth conversation.

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