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Free Sales Training Video Series – The easiest sell.

The easiest sell.

In the sales community, people make a great distinction between Hunters and Farmers.  Hunters are people who go off, find new accounts and bring them home.  Farmers are people who are supposed to nourish these accounts, keep them happy and make sure they stay a customer.

If you’re a Hunter and your only job is to get a one-time sale from a customer, you can skip today’s lesson.   Go directly to the phone and make 10 additional calls.   If you are a Farmer, or a Hunter whose job also includes managing the account once it is sold, please read on.

It is at least five times easier to sell something to an existing, happy customer than it is to sell something to a brand new customer.  The existing customer knows you, knows your company, trusts you and, hopefully likes you.   Always be on the lookout for additional items or add-on’s you can sell to your existing customers.  It can be a new enhancement to their existing product or a new product your company has introduced.

There is one thing you need as a requisite to selling to an existing customer:  You need to have stayed in touch with them post sale, either checking up to make sure your product is working well or calling them with valuable information about their industry, changes in your company, their competition, etc.

If you are good enough and provide excellent service and support, they may even call you for a new product.  I once had a customer to whom we were delivering one type of IT training.   My contact there called and asked me to have our company deliver something we had never taught before.  After telling him we did not offer that type of training he said, “Learn it.  I don’t want to start with somebody new.  Your service is great, and we can wait.  Please put it together for us.”  Those are “the easiest people to sell.”

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