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One evening I was watching the College Football National Championship game on TV.  It was the fourth quarter with around 12 minutes to go, and Alabama was beating LSU 15 to 0.  The camera kept panning across the LSU sidelines.  Practically every LSU player had their head down, was not smiling and appeared lifeless.  On the other side of the field the Alabama players were smiling, high-fiving and looked really pumped up.

I said to my wife, the game is over.  She was astonished I’d say such a thing with so much time left.  I told her to look at the LSU players.  I even rewound the broadcast so she could see what I saw; dejection.  A defeated attitude.  No hope.

First, let me point something else out – I have been watching football for a long time.  12 minutes can be an eternity.  I have seen 15 points scored in less than 20 seconds.  It was not even close to being an impossible feat to win the game.  The problem was the LSU players didn’t think they could win.  It was written all over their faces and the way they carried themselves.  I’m sure the Alabama players could sense it too.

When you’re a professional sales person you cannot give up until the check is cashed by your competitor.  Are you going to win every single deal in your career? Absolutely not.  But you need to have the attitude that “it ain’t over till it’s over.”  You have to bring every skill, resource and technique to the game for every second on the clock, along with the most positive attitude you can embody.  You have to know deep down in your heart that while it looks bad now, you have the courage, strength and determination to win.  And then get on the field and apply those virtues.  This is Tenacity.  If you don’t have tenacity and you want to be a top sales person, you need to develop it or be prepared to go home without the trophy.

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