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Free Sales Training Video Series – Talk like a sales professional

Talk like a sales professional 

Unfortunately, many sales people view themselves as less-than-equal to their prospects.  It’s probably the same fear that people have who are afraid to ask a celebrity for their autograph (if they want one).  Trust me, your prospects get up in the morning, use the bathroom and eat breakfast just like you.  But for some reason many sales people think they’re different; more important.

You are not only a sales person, you are a business person.  Your time is valuable.  And you need to let your prospect know that fact politely but firmly.  If your prospect keeps putting you off, is continually late for meetings, or doesn’t show up at all you need to have a conversation with them.  “Judy, we have been talking for several months now and, quite honestly, I cannot invest any more time helping you become successful with our product unless you are willing to commit to our mutual success.   Please don’t consider me rude, but I have other active clients that are engaged and require my attention.”  Sound harsh?  Maybe.  But this approach will do two things –

  1. Determine if you have a real prospect.
  2. Let’s your prospect know you are a professional who manages time wisely and someone who is willing to help them succeed.  But only if they join you.

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