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Sales Rituals

Rituals are very powerful to help you stay on track and achieve great successes.  Wikipedia says a ritual is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value on a consistent basis.  The purpose of sales rituals is to get and keep you in the habit of doing certain sales activities on a regular, consistent basis.

There is a subtle difference between habits and rituals.  You can make a habit out of anything.  Rituals are saved for really special things you want as a part of your life: to make your life better, give your life purpose and to help you achieve your highest potential.

If you want to be a top sales person, develop sales rituals.  This is how:

  • List the activities you know are important which lead to closing short and long-term sales.  Get very detailed.  For example; 13 calls before 9 am, sending a hand written thank you note after every sale, learning everything about the CEO of the companies you call on.
  • Write down whatever it is you’ve done or know you need to do, to achieve success.  Write the sequence, or the cause and effect, of each ritual – When I close a sale I send a thank you card.  I make a call within three minutes of ending a successful call.  Etc.
  • Each of your rituals either has to have a proven track record or be something others have used with success.  (Copying successful people is encouraged!)

Sales rituals will keep you focused and will deliver results.  Make them a habit.

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