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Sales discipline 

If you watch American football, you’re familiar with the point-after touchdown.  Briefly; after a team scores a touchdown, the scoring team goes for the “point after.” Unless the point after is a fake, it’s the same offensive play every time.  The offense lines up, the ball is then hiked to the holder who holds the ball in place and then the kicker attempts to kick the ball between the uprights (goal posts).   What has always amazed me about the point after is that it is discipline at its best. Everyone has to do their part because the defense tries like crazy to block the kick.  The timing between the holder and the kicker has to be perfect and the offensive line has to hold off the defense.  If any one person fails the play does not work.

This is the kind of discipline you need as a professional sales person and you need to cultivate it throughout your team. When you and every member of your team succeed, it’s perfect score.

Have the discipline to set goals, plan your day, execute on that plan and then plan your actions for tomorrow.  This type of discipline is not something your sales manager can monitor, nor should he or she.  That’s why it’s discipline.  It’s something you need to control yourself in order to succeed.

This is not an easy thing to do.   It’s simple, just not easy.  But if you want to earn more than your colleagues…or get the MVP…it’s a mindset you should adopt.

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