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Role playing

Role playing is probably the single most effective exercise you can do as a sales person.  It feels a bit awkward at first, but that disappears quickly as your teammates join in and you start to see the results.

Sales role playing is like a baseball player taking batting practice, an actor going through dress rehearsal or a winner practicing their acceptance speech.  Role playing gives you the opportunity to make (and eliminate) mistakes before the “live event.”  You never want to be in front of, or on the telephone with, a prospect or customer and not be prepared.

You can role play any sales situation.  Role playing is particularly effective when going through select deals with your peers and/or your sales manager.  Pick an account you want to close or where you want to help move the buying process along.  Discuss the strategy and then have someone else play the role of your prospect.  Go through the meeting just like you would be having it with your prospect.  If you stumble just keep going.  One of the benefits of role playing in a group is that you can have multiple prospects firing questions at you from multiple points of view.  It always amazes me how two people can be presented with the same information and come up with different interpretations and/or questions.  Take advantage of that phenomenon.

Another benefit (mostly for the sales manager) of role playing in groups is that it keeps your sales presentations consistent.  You may have multi-call deals where the prospect ends up talking to multiple people in the sales organization.  It always gives the prospect confidence when they hear a consistent message.

At the end of the role play discuss how the “call” went, make any corrections as needed and do it again.  You will be amazed how this simple exercise will give you additional insight into your deal, put you more at ease and fill you with confidence.  Tip:  Record your role playing sessions.  Reviewing these really helps accelerate the learning and acceptance process.

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