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Free Sales Training Video Series – Prospects versus Customers

Prospects versus Customers

Do you act differently with your prospects than you do with your customers?  Don’t.

Put yourself in their shoes.  What if you act one way during their buying cycle and another way after they’ve given you their money and their confidence? During the buying cycle you’re calling every day, bringing gifts and getting your prospects all the resources they need.  Don’t stop doing those things.  You probably don’t have to call as often because there won’t be as many details to cover.  However, while there may be fewer calls, your calls should still deliver the same amount of value to your customer.

This approach is simply good business because:

  1. You want your existing customers to buy additional products and services from you.
  2. You want them to tell other prospects how good you were after the sale.

You cannot be one type of person before the sale and another type of sales person after the sale and have a profitable, long-term career in sales.


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