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Present your best.

Your product may require you to make presentations some or all of the time.  Here are a few guidelines that make sure your presentations do the job – which is really only to support your conversation with your audience.   Nobody is buying your PowerPoint™ presentations.  Your slides are there to support you and keep your discussion on track.

With that in mind, here’s how your slides or handouts need to be put together:

  • Have a pleasant, professionally done template page.  Don’t go overboard, but make sure it doesn’t look like it was your child’s second grade project.
  • Tailor the presentation to your prospect’s business problem and demonstrate the way you’re planning on solving that problem.
  • Use simple bullet points.  Your bullet points should be on the page just to keep you and the audience on track and to remind you what to discuss next.  You don’t want your audience reading the slides.  They should be looking at and listening to you.
  • Use big fonts.  You have to make your presentation easy for everyone to read.
  • Use only three or four bullets per page.
  • Don’t make your presentation longer than 22 minutes.  You will start to lose your audience if you go longer than that.  If you have to go longer turn on the lights, take a break or do something else to break it up.

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