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Paint a picture

You’ve heard the expression; “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  I’m guessing it was a sales person who said it first.  When people are buying products, somewhere deep in their mind they see themselves enjoying the benefits of their purchase.

Unfortunately for you, not everybody’s mind is so well equipped.   So, you need to “paint that picture” for them.  This actually works to your advantage because you get to be the artist and you can paint whatever you want.

You need to start working on your picture early in the customer’s buying cycle.  First, use your brush to create a vivid comparison.  “Matt, we had a client that was close to bankruptcy before he hired Sales Getters.  Every night he went to sleep worried and wondering where he was going to find enough sales to make payroll.”  Now Matt’s imaginary canvas is drawing that picture with him in it.  He is starting to get a sense of urgency to take action, as well.

Later in the buying cycle, you can add other brilliant images.  “Matt, if you decide to move ahead with Sales Getters, this time next year I’m betting you will be thinking about how to invest and grow your business rather than trying to save it.”  Now Matt’s canvas is filled with pictures of him relaxed and in control.

Words are powerful tools when used wisely, carefully and professionally.  Paint your way to more sales.


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