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Optimism is a multi-dimensional street.  You can have it, give it and you can receive it.

Optimism is your internal belief that things will work out well.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your health, money, relationships or anything else.  If you are an optimist, you believe in your core that whatever you are experiencing, life will work out for the better.

I believe some people are born optimists.    They have, and always will, see the positive side of life and its possibilities.  Not all of us are that lucky.  But I have good news for you; optimism can be learned!  It’s like any other mental conditioning skill.  If you work on it with diligent practice, you will achieve the desired result.  Here are few tips that will help you become an optimist and elevate your sales career:

  • When faced with a potentially negative situation, stop and think of the other possibilities.  If there is absolutely no other way around the situation think how you can make the best of it with the least amount of damage.
  • Look back and remind yourself.  You have probably faced many tough situations that you made it through.  Think about those situations and what you did to help yourself and what you did to adjust.  And remind yourself that you did make it through.
  • Read and listen to positive and inspirational books.  Seek out stories that can lift you up and show you how anything is possible.  The Chicken Soup books are a great compilation of inspirational stories.
  • Finally, and most importantly, surround yourself with other optimists.  Negativity will bring you down.  Stay away from negative people.  They will drag you into their world.  There is a reason the old cliché “misery loves company” has been used for so long.

People (except negative people with no desires in life) love being around optimists.  It makes them feel better.  Your prospects and customers are no different.  They don’t want to talk with Mr. or Ms. Downer.  They have enough of their own problems.  If you are an upbeat breath of fresh air in their life, they will look forward to talking to you.

In sales, if you approach each deal optimistically, meaning that you believe in your heart you will win it, your chances greatly increase in making the sale.  You can believe that or not.  I take every advantage I can get.

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