Sales Training Video – Not knowing everything.

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Not knowing everything.

Not knowing everything.

Nobody knows everything.  Relax; your prospects and customers know that.  They’re not looking for a walking Encyclopedia or even a Wikipedia.  What they arelooking for is someone who can get answers so they can make a decision about your product.

Believe it or not, sometimes you’re better off not knowing the answer to a question.  I was once working on a deal and I got a question that stumped me.  This was not a problem for me.  I went back to my support people and had an answer for the customer in 20 minutes.  When I came back with the answer, my prospect thanked me and said she never had a sales rep turn around an answer so quickly and she was extremely grateful.   From that point on we had a very easy buying cycle and she became a long term customer.

That event really triggered something in my head that I never forgot:  It’s not always how smart you are, how well you speak English, or how nice a car you drive that impresses a customer.  It’s what you do, how well you do it, and how quickly you can get it done that impresses a customer. 

While I have been tempted on occasion to tell a prospect I didn’t know the answer to a question that I actually did (which would be dishonest) I have never felt bad saying, “Good question.  I don’t the answer, but I will find out for you.”  It gives me a chance to show my value to them.  So, don’t run because you may not know everything.  Accept their question as an opportunity to show your value.

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