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Free Sales Training Video Series – No money for second place

No money for second place

In horse racing, you can win money if your horse comes in first, second or third place.  That’s not the case in sales.  The only person that walks away with the money is the person that wins the deal.  If you are a commission sales person, the stakes couldn’t be higher.  So, you have to think like a winner.

Your need to get rid of thoughts like:

  • This proposal will be good enough.
  • I can trust my lower-level contact to carry my message.
  • I have other deals I know will come through.
  • I’ve made enough money.

You need to replace those thoughts with the following:

  • What other ideas can I come up with to help win the deal?
  • I need to get in front of the final decision maker.
  • I need a confirmation from the final decision maker they are choosing me.
  • I want a perfect winning record.  No losses.
  • I hate losing.
  • I love winning.

Selling is a risk – reward business.  The risks are higher and so are the financial rewards.

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