Sales Training Video – Mental Wind Sprints

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Mental Wind Sprints

Mental wind sprints

If you’re a sports fan, you have undoubtedly heard one of the commentators say at the end of a really close game that the winning team “just wanted it more.”  In sports, when all else is equal, it can come down to a matter of conditioning and desire.   Everyone has energy at the beginning of the game.  But how you’re feeling at the end of the game may be what really makes the difference in the outcome.  That’s why so much activity in sports is centered on conditioning.  You physically have to be in better shape than your opponent when you’re both gasping for air.

In sales your conditioning, in part, comes from what you are doing right now.  Sales training is similar to wind sprints at the end of a sports practice; making sure that even though you are buried deep working on deals, making prospecting calls, checking on your customers support issues, etc., you are continuing to fill up your brain with energy and ideas so when you are completely exhausted, you can function on auto-pilot as a result of your sales training.

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