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Free Sales Training Video Series – Just send me a proposal

Just send me a proposal

You’ve made it to the stage in your prospect’s buying cycle when they either ask you for a proposal or you suggest, if the previous action or commitment steps have been completed successfully, that they should review a proposal to see if they can move ahead with a purchase. Never send a proposal without confirmation that your prospect will review the proposal with you. Your conversation should go something like this: “Rick, we like what you have shown us so far, so you can you send us a proposal?” “Lee, I would be glad to. Let’s confirm what you are looking for.” Then Rick and Lee can verbally go over the details of configurations, quantities, resources, model numbers, etc. to be included in the proposal. Rick says, “Lee, I’m going to get to work on putting this together for you right away. When will you have time to review it?” The wording is crucial. Rick has not told Lee he’ll be emailing it over when it is ready. Rick said he was going to work on it.

Then continue with your qualifying questions:

  • Are you looking for a single purchase or do you need multiple _____________?
  • Are you going to need this right away?
  • Have you ever purchased a product like ours before?
  • Can you tell me how you’re going to use the ______________?

If your company needed someone to just give out prices, they could hire a minimum wage clerk or publish a price list online.

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