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Is there anything else?

Many times a sales person will think they are close to getting the deal closed but then their prospect puts up another objection or raises a question.  “Tom, we like your company but we need to have our order delivered by next Friday.  Can you do that?”  Tom, being the well intentioned salesman checks with shipping and confirms the order can be there on time.  He gets back to his prospect.  “Yep Eric, we can get that guitar shipped on time.”  Now Tom’s really excited thinking he is about to get his order until Eric says, “You know Tom, your price is kind of high.  Can you do any better?”  What?!!  Tom thought all he had to do was confirm the shipping date.

When a prospect gives you an objection that prevents the sale from closing, ask them this:  “Eric, if we can get your shipment to you on time, is that all that is keeping you from placing your order today?”  By just asking this one question you have narrowed down the conversation and cut out any other reasons your prospect would not move ahead with their purchase.

If Eric answers your question with: “Well, there is one other thing….” simply summarize his objections and repeat your question.  “So Eric, if we can get it there on time, give you our “best customer” 5% discount, and give you the one you want in black, will you be placing your order?”

The key is narrowing it down so there is no wiggle room.  Don’t be fooled into thinking your customers don’t know what they are doing.  Most of the time, your customers are used to dealing with average sales people they can send on errands chasing things down for them.  This really speaks to becoming a Professional Salesperson.  A Professional Salesperson knows their time is a precious commodity.  The Professional Salesperson learns and understands how to work efficiently and effectively.  By asking this closing question you cut right to the heart of the matter, use your time wisely and convey to your prospect or customer that your time is as valuable as theirs.

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