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I’ll Be Back

I have a friend that has owned a used car dealership for many years.   He told me that on his tombstone he wants written:   “I’ll be back.” This objection is heard most often in B2C selling but its ugly cousin often shows up in B2B deals as something like, “We’ll revisit your solution in a few months.”

Similar to most objections this is really a stall because you haven’t done your part to get your prospect to understand and want the value your product offers. They do not feel enough urgency to move it up the priorities list.   For example; while making a follow up call, you hear from your once-thought-hot prospect, “We’ll revisit your solution in a few months.” The first step is to acknowledge, cushion and respond with a question; “I understand Tom.   This is probably an important decision for you and the team.”   You continue; “Can I ask, what will be different in a few months?” Now shut up and let your prospect respond. They may have been hoping they were dealing with an amateur and you would simply crawl away. They were also thinking that in three months, if you did call back, they could put you off for another three months and on and on and on.

The reason your prospect gives for putting off their purchase may sound logical:

  • We lost funding. Can you get funding from another department?
  • We have to do more comparisons. Which part of our product are you looking to compare against?
  • Priorities have shifted.  How do you evaluate your priorities?   If I could show you, based on your priorities how we could <whatever their top priority is> would we be a top priority?

The point is, don’t take their answer at face value.   Keep asking questions and get creative.

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