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Free Sales Training Video Series – How to use video testimonials

Video testimonials 

It’s the 21st century and your prospects expect 21st century marketing and sales efforts.  Written testimonials are very effective if you have to email a testimonial or hand one to a prospect during a meeting.  However, people love to watch TV and be entertained.  A video testimonial is really just a TV commercial for you.  Video testimonials can be very effective if done correctly.  It’s said that self-praise is no recommendation.  When your customer gets on camera and tells the world how great you are in their own words, it’s powerful.

Here are a few guidelines for making a good video testimonial:

  • Use a good high definition camera.  It’s worth the expense.
  • Use a lavaliere microphone.  The quality is much better.  You don’t want your prospects straining to hear the good news about you.
  • Have your questions prepared.
  • Don’t let it look staged.  It has to be real to be believed.  Let your customer respond to your questions in their own words.  Let them ramble a bit too if they decide to go off in on a tangent.  You can always edit the video.
  • If you can record the testimonial in the customer’s office, that’s the best location for the video.

Once you have your video testimonial(s) you need to make sure the world can see them.  With your company’s permission:

  • Place them on your web site.
  • Use them in your email signature, or as thumbnails that link to the video.
  • Start a YouTube Channel and place them there.  As a side note, there are lots of tools YouTube makes available to make sure your videos are indexed correctly so they can be found by new prospects.  Take advantage of these tools.

Having and using video testimonials should give you instant credibility with your prospects.  They are one of the best prospecting tools you can have.

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