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Free Sales Training Video Series – How to organize your sales day.

How to organize your sales day

There are many fine books on time management that go into very great detail on how to organize your day.  We can’t cover all that detail in a 33 minute sales training lesson.  What I can tell you is how you need to be thinking when you organize your day, in order to make it the most productive.

First Things First (FTF) List – What are the top things you need to do today that will move you closer to closing a deal?  For now put everything else out of your mind. Don’t worry about new prospects, research, Facebook or anything else.  List the things you need to do now that will bring in commissions.

Second – List the tasks needed to be completed that will eventually put you in a position so the most important of those tasks end up on the First Things First List.  List them in the order in which tasks can be moved to the FTF list the quickest.  If you are not sure, look at your sales funnel and see where your prospects are in the pipeline.  (If you have not set up your pipeline, please go to lesson: Day 21 – Do the math.)

Third – List the tasks that will assure you always have something in your sales funnel.  This could be cold calling, contacting prospects you have not spoken with in a long time or researching new companies.  These should be tasks that ensure you always have a steady flow of prospects to close.  Too often, even good sales people close everything in their pipeline but didn’t prepare for that day.  Don’t forget, your bills come due every month.  Don’t get too caught up in the excitement of what you just closed.  Keep prospecting.

Fourth – List your administrative tasks, expense reports, forecast reports, internal meetings, etc.

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