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How to be a Professional Salesperson.©
Free Sales Training Video Series – Be the top salesperson

No sales rep ever lost a deal or an account for out-hustling the competition.  It’s important in all aspects of business to work hard and give it your all.  But in sales, it’s essential.  Your competition doesn’t care about your mortgage.  They don’t care about your kids’ college education, your car payment or your dinner tonight.  They are playing to win because in sales, there is no money for 2nd place.  The sale only rewards the winner.  The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you can get into the winning mindset.  And that is where you need to live.

I was driving home from work listening to an Atlanta sports radio show on a Monday after an Atlanta Falcons win the day before. They were interviewing a Falcons player who had an excellent game.  It really struck me what he said:  “I believe in my heart, that if I’m not out there practicing and preparing every day for Sunday, then my competition just got a day up on me.”  Adopt this mindset and you will have an excellent game.

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