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Free Sales Training Video Series – Getting testimonials

Getting testimonials 

A very good sales person once told me, “Self-praise is no recommendation.”  One of your most powerful sales tools are customer testimonials.  Your prospects are way more likely to believe something someone else says about you than what you tell your prospect about yourself.

The best time to get a customer testimonial is right after they have started using your product and are happy with their new experience.  Thanks to you, they have just solved a problem or filled a need for their company so they are satisfied, proud and willing to give you a pat-on-the-back.  The key to getting testimonials is to make the process easy.  I usually say:  “Steve, are you happy enough with our product to provide a testimonial?”  Hopefully, they will say yes.  Now comes the part that will separate you from the average sales rep.  “I know you are very busy.  I am obviously very familiar with your account.  Would it save you time if I wrote it for you and sent it to you for your approval?  You can you can obviously change or edit anything.”

While it takes some guts to ask this, I have never been turned down.  If they are indeed happy with your product they will not mind and they will appreciate your taking care of all the details.

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