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Free Sales Training Video Series – Forget the jargon.

Forget the jargon.

Do you want to be understood or get people to think you’re smart?  Sales people, in particular sales people who sell technology products, think they have to use techno jargon or acronyms within their industry to appear to know what they’re talking about.  Prospects, even technical prospects, just want someone who knows their product and can explain its features and benefits so they are easily understood.  Consider the following statements:

  • We dynamically reconceptualize cross-media relationships.
  • With our tool you can distinctively generate scalable manufactured products.
  • Our partners holistically provide access to long-term high-impact outsourcing.
  • We have quickly revolutionized long-term, high-impact internal or “organic” sources.
  • Our research interactively disseminates market-driven products.
  • You will have time to authoritatively synergize timely paradigms.

How stupid do the above statements sound?  I don’t even think all of these sentences contain real words!  If you’re using statements like the one’s above or acronyms that you think everyone knows, you’re digging a hole for yourself.  Go directly to the lesson; Day 122- Humility.  Quickly!

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