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Free Sales Training Video Series – Delivering a sales presentation.

Delivering a sales presentation.

The big day has come.  You’re headed to the client’s office to make a presentation.  Since I always say that things happen when you meet people, let’s make sure good things happen.  There are some key elements you must include to deliver a successful presentation.

  • Sit at the head of the table. Unless you need to sit elsewhere for the electric connections, always sit at the head of the table.  It is a subtle way for you to take control.  The employees are used to seeing their boss sit in that seat and the respect automatically gets assigned to the person sitting at the head of the table.
  • When you aren’t sitting and discussing your presentation, stand up and move around a bit. People will follow you and that helps keep their attention.
  • Use inflection in your voice. You do not want people falling asleep on you!  By altering the tone and volume of your speaking voice, it helps your audience pay attention.
  • Periodically use the names of the people in your audience. Everyone likes to hear their name.  Be careful not to overdo this, as it will start to sound phony.
  • Ask questions and engage your audience.
  • Turn the lights down so that your screen can be easily read.
  • Don’t give your presentation between 1:00pm and 3:30pm. Humans have a natural wake/sleep rhythm.  It’s very natural for people to want to take a “siesta” during that time.  If you do, tour audience may fall asleep on you.
  • Only show one bullet point on your slide at a time. Cover the other bullets with a piece of paper, or use the fade in animation.  You want your audience to concentrate on the exact point you’re making.

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