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Free Sales Training Video Series – Create a Sales Process

Create a Sales Process

It took me a long time to understand that most people in business need to be told what to do, and most people like consistency.  Sales people are no different. Consistency is also the main ingredient in a sales process.  A process is something you do over and over again, in a prescribed manner, expecting to get the same results.  When you create a sales process you are selling with intent.  You are making calls, asking questions, delivering presentations, closing business.  You are doing all these things with a prescribed, repeatable and sustainable process.

Once you have consistency in your sales process, and in how you manage your team, it frees up your sales reps’ mind to focus on selling.  They are not worrying about something new that is going to be thrown at them.  As they focus and fall in line with the process and it starts delivering results, the success it brings will feed upon itself.  Success breeds success.

As a sales manager, it is your responsibility to create the process for your team to follow.  Use the Sales Playbook to document your process.  The process of putting together a Sales Playbook is outlined in this course.  If you do not have one, start putting yours together now.  Include everything that happens from cold call to close. Keep refining it until your process runs like a finely tuned engine.  Then watch your sales grow.

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