Sales Training Video – Closing: If I can…?

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Closing:  If I can…?

Closing:  If I can…?

Using this close will save you more time than any other closing question.  And it’s probably the simplest close.  Somewhere in your customer’s buying cycle (probably toward the end) they may come to you and ask you for something extra or a concession of some sort.  For example; “Louie, can we get an extra day of professional services?”   To which you should respond with, “Jeri, I am not sure I can get that for you.  But if I can, will you place your order?”

If they say yes, you’re in business.  If they say “I’m not sure,” you follow with, “Please find out.  If you can place your order, which includes an extra day of services at no charge, I will ask if I can get the services for you.”  Restate your request and what they will receive if everything is approved.  Never leave the conversation with the monkey on your back.   This is very simple but unbelievably effective.

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